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White Fillings

When getting a filling, there’s no need to choose between aesthetics and durability.

With white fillings, you can have a discreet and hardwearing filling that does the job of protecting your tooth from more damage as a result of decay.

Tooth-coloured fillings to suit your smile

White fillings are made of composite resin, which can be shade-matched to your existing tooth shade. The filling material is placed at the centre of the decayed tooth once the decay has been thoroughly removed by your dentist.

Our clients love our white fillings as an alternative to silver amalgam fillings because:

  • They’re completely mercury-free.
  • They provide a robust seal on the affected tooth.
  • They restore a normal bite.
  • They last for a number of years.
  • They only take one or two visits to the place.
  • They don’t crack as easily in response to temperature changes when you eat certain hot and cold food and drink.

Smile with confidence everywhere you go.

With your new white fillings, you won’t have to worry about a conspicuous piece of dark metal in your mouth whenever you open your mouth. White fillings are barely visible, especially those placed on your back teeth.

As well as placing white fillings for new cavities, we can replace old amalgam fillings with white fillings.

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