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Anxious Patients

Compassion and care are what you can expect from our clinical team at Pro Hygienist.

We go the extra mile to help nervous patients feel safe and at ease.

The personal touch

We know it’s the little things that really set a dental practice apart. If you’re nervous about attending, we always endeavour to understand what might be making you feel this way. With this knowledge at our disposal, we can then do everything we can to reassure you before your examination or treatment. It might be as easy as explaining that our state-of-the-art practice is equipped with the latest technology to ensure a smooth patient experience in every instance. Or perhaps you can read some of our client testimonials to hear about their positive experiences with our treatments.

We offer fresh ground coffee whilst you wait, and our (super comfy!) waiting room chairs are the ideal place to sit and unwind before your appointment.

If you’re someone who struggles with the sounds of the dental practice environment, we have noise-cancelling headphones that you can wear whilst in the chair. We can even put your favourite film on our ceiling TVs for the duration of your appointment.

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