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Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is the answer for teeth that require minor cosmetic adjustments.

Using natural, tooth-like composite resins, composite bonding creates an authentic result that’s unique to your mouth and smile anatomy. In just a single appointment, you can walk away with a new and improved smile.

Non-invasive, simple, and suited to your smile

Some of the reasons we know you’ll love composite bonding:

  • It takes just one appointment.
  • No drilling or anaesthetic is necessary.
  • The results last for several years.
  • Preservative for your existing tooth matter.
  • Can be used in conjunction with teeth whitening to produce a bright and white smile.

The composite bonding process

Preparation: your tooth is prepared for the composite resin to adhere.

Treatment: the fine layers of the composite are bonded straight to your teeth, and a UV light hardens them firmly in place.


1. What is the benefit of using composite resin for my new smile?

Composite resin is made from tiny glass particles. This means it mimics the way that light reflects off a tooth’s surface, just like real tooth enamel does. The outcome of treatment is natural, and there is no need to remove any natural tooth structure to place your new teeth.

2. What can composite bonding treat?

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Discolouration: teeth with enamel wear or discolouration due to infection can be brightened with composite bonding (when teeth whitening is not possible).

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Chipped teeth: composite bonding can adhere resins to the chipped tooth, making it look whole and healthy again.

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Fractures: a tooth at high risk of fracture can be strengthened with Composite Bonding.

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Achieving symmetry and a pleasing width and length ratio for individual teeth.

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To close small gaps in your teeth.

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To reverse tooth wear.

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Front teeth bonding.

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Mild overlapping.

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Acid erosion.

Several other benefits include:

  • Digitally designed and therefore predictable.
  • You will get to try your smile on before the permanent composite teeth are made.
  • Completely bespoke.
  • Highly predictable outcome.
  • Less destructive and lengthy than the veneers process.
  • Have a beautiful and natural set of teeth.

3. How is such a natural result achieved?

Composite resin is formulated with particles resembling glass. This means it mimics the way that light reflects off a tooth’s surface, just like real tooth enamel, which possesses the same features. The resins we use will also be matched to the near-exact shade of your teeth so that it will blend in with the rest of your smile.

4. How is composite bonding less invasive than veneers?

Porcelain veneers involve the strategic removal of some of the tooth surfaces to facilitate the veneer to sit nicely.

With composite bonding, the application of the resin is direct, removing the need to take away any natural tooth structure.

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