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Preventative Dentistry

At Pro Hygienist, we’re passionate about the principles of preventative dentistry, which is the practice of educating our clients on the importance of good everyday oral care and lifestyle habits.

The pillars of preventative dentistry

During your appointments with us, we promise to:


We will first seek to diagnose the problem with your teeth or gums, using some of the most sophisticated equipment and methods to do so. The technology we have lends itself well to helping our clients understand what’s going on in their mouths without the need for lengthy explanations and long-winded terminology!


As a hygienist-orientated practice, prevention is extremely important to the way we work. Much of evading gum disease is to do with protecting your teeth every day, whether that’s through brushing and flossing correctly, avoiding smoking, cutting down your alcohol intake, or having potential medical conditions explored. We will seek to get to know you, your tooth and gum health, and your lifestyle so that we can offer constructive advice about reducing your risk of recurring gum disease.


With a diagnosis established, we can perform the appropriate restorative or hygiene-orientated treatment to address the given problem. Using treatment such as guided biofilm therapy, we can treat even the most severe cases of gum health-related problems and symptoms. We also offer several treatments designed to stop further problems with tooth-related issues, such as cavities, wear, enamel erosion and infections.


We will always give a concise explanation of just how important regular hygienist and dentist check-ups are in the simplest of terms. Just like your teeth need a check-up every 6 – 12 months, they also need to be cleansed of plaque and tartar, substances which build up along your gum line due to bacteria feeding off the sugars in your mouth when you eat. This type of cleaning is performed during hygienist visits, which helps to maintain a healthy environment in your mouth.

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