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Teeth Whitening

At-home teeth whitening can produce stunning results for your smile.

After just 10 to 14 days of treatment, your tooth shade will be significantly whiter, leaving you with a beautiful smile with new vitality and brightness.

At-home whitening for the whitest tooth shade possible

At-home whitening is our recommended whitening treatment for achieving the whitest possible smile. Your at-home whitening treatment is customisable; you can choose to wear your whitening trays either during the day or during the night, making it convenient for the modern busy adult.

Some of the reasons our clients opt for at-home whitening include the following:

  • It offers great flexibility.
  • It’s suitable for clients with tooth sensitivity.
  • You’re in control: stop treatment when you feel your teeth have reached a shade you’re happy with.
  • Completely safe method of restoring white teeth.

Pro Hygienist: A regional centre of excellence for Enlighten™

We are thrilled to be accredited as an Enlighten™ regional centre for excellence. This status means our dentists have received additional training in delivering Enlighten™ treatment from the Enlighten™ brand, making us a go-to practice for whitening in the Manchester area.

We offer a range of home whitening treatments at Pro Hygienist.  Please click on the buttons below for more information.

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