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Direct access hygienist at Pro Hygienist gives patients the option to see a hygienist directly without requiring an initial visit with a dentist.

This convenience saves you time and allows for greater patient flexibility.

What is a direct access hygienist service?

Direct access hygienist refers to fast-track hygienist appointments. Changes to NHS and GDC legislation now mean it is possible for hygienists to see patients and carry out scale or polish without prescription and without having to see a dentist.

Your hygienist here at Pro Hygienist will ask when you last had a check-up and note the importance of regular dental check-ups.

In the event that a certain treatment is outside of your hygienist’s scope of service, they will refer you for an appointment with a dentist. Hygienists are not permitted to administer treatments that require the need for prescription drugs or to deliver treatments that fall outside of their remit and skillset as hygienists.

The benefits of direct access hygienist appointments

  • They can help you to take control of your oral hygiene and the condition of your teeth.
  • Your hygienist will help you monitor your progress towards healthier gums.
  • Direct Access Hygienist appointments can ensure your mouth is healthy if you’re looking into booking a restorative treatment with a dentist.
  • Have access to scale and polish treatment to beautify your smile and remove harmful biofilm buildup without a dentist appointment.

What happens during my direct access hygienist appointment?

Your hygienist may:

  • Apply preventive treatments to keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  • Provide scale and polish treatment to remove plaque and tartar (we use the state-of-the-art Guided Biofilm Method to achieve this as efficiently and conservatively as possible).
  • Advise on the next steps to address the treatment and stabilisation of gum disease.

How does Direct Access Work?

Our hygienists are now able to deliver hygiene-based treatments without the pre-requisite of a dentist appointment. We can now accept new patients who simply want to see a dental hygienist.

Our hygienists put your oral well-being first and will advise if they believe you could benefit from an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible.

Contact Pro Hygienist for direct access hygienist appointments.

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